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3D dual system Jeohunter is the most advanced detector in the world, produced on modern technologies and is capable of detecting metals and cavities. 3D dual system Jeohunter belongs to the class of the deep detectors and identificeret the detected metal objects into four groups; Gold, precious metal, Scrap metal, and Steel. Along with successful detection and identification of metals, the system is able to detect cavities and in real time during the search to inform about the discovered caves, cellars, tunnels, shelters and graves.
Able to make real-time 3-dimensional signal graphical image objects detected underground 3D Dual system Jeohunter is the most advanced system with a graphical image among the systems of this class. Multifunction features search and discovery allow 3D Dual system Jeohunter easy to search and study even in the most difficult soil structures, in environments with a high density and a high content of minerals. Interface and a practical search screen specifically designed for easy use both by Amateurs and professionals, are the main distinctive features of the system.
The system has a unique depth and an ability to identify metals is also possible with high accuracy to determine the depth of the signal. Regardless of large or small size of the object, metal or a void, 3D Dual system Jeohunter tells the user at what depth, in cm, is underground object. 3D dual system Jeohunter with its 3 different search coils, will satisfy all the needs to search and research on the site. Acquiring 3D Dual system Jeohunter
You get such an advantage like having 3 detectors in one set of the metal detector. Deep search coil 60 x 100 cm for more in-depth searching with an efficiency of up to 12 meters - for vintage metals, General search coil 36 x 44 cm with efficiency up to 8 metres and a small search coil with a size of 21 x 34.5 cm with efficiency up to 4 meters will allow you to search in the depths where no one conducted research, and find treasures that have never been found.